1 verb
1 IN BOXES, CASES ETC also pack up (I, T) to put things into cases, boxes etc for taking somewhere or storing: I forgot to pack my razor. | They packed up the contents of their house. | We're off to Greece tomorrow and I haven't even started packing yet. | pack sb sth: Have you packed the kids a lunch?
2 pack a bag/case etc to put things into a bag, case etc: She packed her suitcase and headed for the airport.
—opposite unpack (1)
3 CROWD OF PEOPLE (intransitive always + adv/prep, transitive always + adv/prep) to go in large numbers into a space that is not big enough, or to make a lot of people or things do this
(+ into/in/onto): When the door was opened people began to pack into the hall. | They packed as many people as possible onto the bus.
4 PROTECT STH (T) to cover, fill, or surround an object closely with a protective material: Pack the newspaper around the china so that it doesn't break.
(+ in/with): china cups packed with paper
5 pack your bags informal to leave a place and not return, especially because of a disagreement: Why don't you pack your bags and find another job?
6 SNOW/SOIL ETC (T) to press soil, sand etc into a firm mass: pack soil firmly around the stem
7 MEAT ETC (T) to prepare food and put it into containers for preserving or selling
8 pack a committee/jury/meeting etc (T) to secretly and dishonestly arrange for a committee etc to be filled with people who support you
9 pack a gun AmE to regularly carry a gun
10 pack a (hard) punch informal
a) to be able to hit another person hard in a fight
b) to be able to speak very effectively in an argument or discussion
—see also: send sb packing send (9) pack sth away phrasal verb (T) to put something back in a box, case etc where it is usually kept: We packed away the picnic things. pack sb/sth in phrasal verb (T)
1 informal to attract people in large numbers: "Pulp Fiction" is really packing them in.
2 also pack sth into sth to fit a lot of something into a space, place, or period of time: They packed so much into their holiday, they returned exhausted.
3 informal especially BrE to stop doing something, especially a job that you find unpleasant or annoying: At times like this I feel like packing it all in and going off travelling.
4 pack it in spoken used to tell someone to stop doing something that is annoying you: Pack it in you two. I'm tired of hearing you arguing.
5 BrE informal to end a romantic relationship with someone
pack sb/sth off phrasal verb (T) informal to send someone away quickly, to avoid trouble or because you want to get rid of them: My parents packed us off to camp every summer. pack up phrasal verb
1 (I) informal to finish work: Business was slack and she packed up early.
2 (I) informal especially BrE if a machine packs up it stops working: The engine's packed up!
3 (T) informal BrE to stop doing something such as a job: He's packed up his job after only three months.
2 noun (C)
1 THINGS WRAPPED TOGETHER several things wrapped or tied together or put in a case, to make them easy to carry, sell, or give to someone: Send away for your free information pack today.
—see also: six­pack
2 SMALL CONTAINER especially AmE a small container, usually made of paper, with a set of things in it: packet (1) packet (2)
(+ of): a pack of cigarettes | a pack of gum BrE
3 BAG (C) BrE a bag carried by a climber, walker, or soldier, that is fastened to their shoulders and is used to carry equipment, clothes etc
4 ANIMALS a group of wild animals that hunt together, or a group of dogs trained together for hunting: a wolf pack | a pack of hounds
5 GROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people who do something together, especially a group who you do not approve of: a pack of thieves | the Hollywood brat pack
6 MILITARY a group of aircraft, submarines, etc that fight the enemy together
7 be a pack of lies informal to be completely untrue: Don't you believe what it says in the paper - it's a pack of lies.
8 CARDS a complete set of playing cards: Please shuffle the pack and deal.
9 Cub/Brownie pack a group of children belonging to a children's organization
—see Cub Scout, brownie
10 ON A WOUND a thick mass of soft cloth that you press on a wound to stop the flow of blood: compress 2
—see also: ice pack
11 BEAUTY TREATMENT a substance, often a special mud or clay, that you put on your skin to make you feel better
—see also: face pack, mudpack

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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